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Meet the team

What separates us from the rest of the rest of the industry? We have compiled a world class team covering every corner of expertise you would need to thrive in this space with us.

Tommy Smith
Farmer, Manager, Shareholder

Forestry Service Timber management, fire control, surveying
South Florida District Director Forestry
Nobles Farms Packing house and farming manager
LaBelle Plant World, Inc. Owner/Operator/President

Associations and References:
President – Florida Watermelon Association
President – National Watermelon Association
Director – Clewiston National
Bank Member – National Watermelon Promotion Board
Hendry County Fair and Livestock Board
Quincy Tomato Growers
Immokalee Watermelon Growers
Mayor – City of LaBelle, Florida
Member – LaBelle City Commission
Farming Consultant

University of Georgia (Forestry) Employment 1959

Kyle Remenda
Board of Directors - Shareholder

Kyle is the Founder/CEO of VSSL and a passionate advocate within the cannabis industry with a unique approach to extraction technology (one pound in, one pound out). His knowledge and understanding of all aspects of this industry position him to provide his customers excellent consultation on how to improve their grow operations from startups to mature organizations. VSSL can provide the knowledge and leadership from seed to sale. Kyle is desirous of assisting these organizations to not only determine and meet their goals but to provide the expertise to surpass them.

For the past ten years Kyle has worked in the cannabis industry with established legal grow operations in British Columbia. Professionals and clients alike consider Kyle to be a dynamic proponent of the medical cannabis industry using innovative strategic marketing communications, with a rare gift for inspiring and mentoring teams to envision and drive new ways of ‘growing’ cleaner healthier product. As a result he has a track record for leading, managing and delivering consistent consumable medicine.

Damian Solomon
Board of Directors - Shareholder

Damian has over 20 years of experience in greenhouse management, traditional horticulture and controlled environment growing systems. He has worked for companies like Eurofresh Farms (North America’s largest hydroponic greenhouse operation), Grimmway Farms (North America’s largest farming company), and DeRuiter Seeds/Monsanto (global seed company specializing in greenhouse specific vegetable seeds). Since 2014 he has been involved in the commercial cannabis industry as Director of Cutlivation & Ag Technology for Medmen where he leveraged his vast experience in controlled environments to bring best-of-class procedures, processes and technology into the cannabis space. Recently, Damian left Medmen to start his own horticultural consulting company, Plant Geek Consulting, LLC as he saw a compelling opportunity to offer his years of understanding, insight and horticultural expertise to his clients. He has travelled the world visiting greenhouses and speaking with growers to share agronomic advice and experience and provide high-level consulting services. Damian is well known in the industry and considered an expert in the field of controlled environment agriculture. Mr. Solomon was awarded a BS in Plant Sciences/Crop Production from the University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture. In 2015, he was recognized by University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture and awarded the CEAC Mission Award for outstanding leadership and exemplary service in Controlled Environment Agriculture. Damian is forward thinking and loves to blend the art of growing crops with applied technology to optimize results.

Hon. Randy Avon
Businessman, Community Leader, Citizen Diplomat

Mr. Avon is th CEO of Asian Pacific Develoment Corp., a multinational business development and investment banking company. Asian, with its global partner network, has completed over twenty two billion dollars in global infrastructure projects in 17 nations during the past three + decades. These projects are mostly public/private partnerships that utilize debt, equity, and cooperativwe funding from (www.opic.gov),www.exim.gov/ and the international banks of Panama, Wall Street, pension funds, and the private sector. These projects included World Trade Centers, ports/airports, toll roads, waste to energy, hospitals, renewable energy +. These projects utilized U.S. FTA treaties, in-country joint venture partners, and off-shore economic incentives. He is also the former CEO of Corporate & Financial Consultants (CFO), Florida Fixed Income Corp. and Florida Municipal Underwriters. Under his leadership, these companies completed over $4 billion of waste to energy and infrastructure projects with E. F. Hutton and Prudential Bache in the United States. He was also the CEO of the Ft. Lauderdale, Kunshan, China; and Aruba World Trade Centers and Getaway International Trading Partners, LLC. He has served on the board of three World Trade Centers and is a board member on several other multi-national companies.

Mr. Ben Kaplan
Board of Directors - Shareholder

Benjamin N. Kaplan is an entrepreneur working from South Florida for over 20 years. Prior to moving to South Florida, Mr. Kaplan conducted various investment activities out of New York City. Mr. Kaplan previously was an owner in one of Miami’s iconic restaurants chains named Roasters & Toasters and continues to invest in many other food concepts. Additionally, Mr. Kaplan invests in many other companies both public and private. One public company is Surna (SRNA), a global HVAC company that provides engineering and buildouts for state of the art Cannabis Grow facilities, one public company is Kalytera, a CBD based Pharma company carrying research toward determining cures for various illnesses and into Phase 2 trials for a cure for GVHD (graft versus host disease). One is EHAVE, a software company that provides data from patients on medication usage. Kaya Inc, One of the first legal companies in Jamaica for Cannabis research, cultivation , extraction and sale within the country.

Mr. Robert Grinberg
Advisor and Shareholder

Robert began his professional career in the financial services industry in 1991. In 1994, he opened his own independent broker-dealer, Program Trading Corp. He further evolved his business model and became a private investor placing over $25 million primarily in health and alternative energy sectors to further his commitment to a healthy lifestyle and a better planet. Besides investing in the organic food and alternative energy sectors, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Golden Energy Corp and has been privately financing companies since 2004. Robert has extensive knowledge in securities trading, private placements, public financing and securities regulations. In addition Mr Grinberg I an equal investor in all of Mr Kaplan`s investments listed above.

Robert is currently focused on both domestic and international business ventures in healthcare related fields and is collaborating with esteemed medical professionals and researchers in relation to bringing alternative therapy options to end line consumers. In any given year, Robert will analyze hundreds of investment opportunities and will select those deals that fit his business model of health and longevity

Mr. Charles S. Arnold
Advisor and Shareholder

Already a prosperous entrepreneur, and having seen great success with his own businesses, Charles Arnold has, for more than 35 years, worked, structured and invested with many companies from small to large, start-up to reorganized, and from liquidation to international expansion. Since 1992, Mr. Arnold has been consulting with companies wishing to go public and assisting public companies to achieve their marketing and financing objectives.

Mr. Arnold has been responsible for financing, capitalizing, and structuring start-up companies from the inception stages to the public market. Mr. Arnold’s ability to integrate marketing concepts and financial strategies play a pivotal role in the development his client’s businesses. In addition to developing start-up companies, he is responsible for placing more than $1 Billion into public companies with as much as $400 Million in a single transaction. Significant mergers and acquisitions have been accomplished through his network of financial specialists and professionals throughout the world.

Over the years, Mr. Arnold has carefully developed worldwide relationships with retail brokerage firms, investment bankers, traders, fund managers, and independent investors. A broad scope of his functions includes public awareness and financial relations campaig ns arranged to bring undervalued, little known public companies with significant upside potential to the center of equity markets throughout the world. For over 35 years, Mr. Arnold traveled extensively serving as a guest speaker for many private and public affairs, including international investment conferences. The investor group’s Mr. Arnold consults have been able to participate in several very profitable ventures. Although Mr. Arnold retired from the lecture circuit in 1998 to concentrate on his primary business, he remains in demand international as an author and lecturer at seminars on entrepreneurship and business economics and development.

Arnold has appeared in the Wall Street Journal and been quoted in Bloomberg, Reuters, FNN, and other publications. Since the early 90`s, he has concentrated on the public market sector, advising companies that are already public on consolidation, finance, and market awareness, as well as assisting companies on the intricacies of going public, helping these companies from inception through market trading and funding. Arnold’s current investments and projects include renewable energy, food distribution, security technology, aviation with an emphasis on jet fuel, medical technology, process innovations in the diamond industry, social media with an emphasis on the family/faith market, natural resources, and online gaming. In addition Mr. Arnold is a co-investor with Mrs. Kaplan and Mr. Grinberg in the CBD and Cannabis companies listed under Mr. Kaplan

Malcolm Lamont
Plant Biotechnology & Molecular Sciences

Malcolm draws upon over twenty years leading edge scientific development and practical experience in the plant and molecular biotechnology industries. During this time Malcolm has developed a number of proprietary plant enhancement technologies and continues to challenge, and push, plant propagation and biotechnical thought and practice.
Malcolm has lead research and implemented technological innovation for a number of global multinationals and Australian companies.
Over the last 20 years Malcolm has applied his plant enhancement techniques to an ever- widening range of species including algae, oilseed crops, halophytic (salt loving) reeds, hemp and now cannabis. Malcolm’s speciality is his understanding of – and ability to – selectively adapt and develop new species with very specific characteristics producing true homozygotic plants with a highly select and consistent set of traits.

Kevin Humes
President and CEO of American Veterans Alliance

Kevin is a medically retired disabled veteran, who is currently the President and CEO of American Veterans Alliance, a Veterans Service Organization, as well as President of American Alliance for Disabled Veterans, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Both companies were founded to support veterans in the areas of providing education, employment, access to quality health care and guidance in business and entrepreneurship.

During his 18 years of decorated service in the U.S. Army prior to his medical discharge, Kevin was responsible for in-service recruitment, retention, education, and service member training for a company unit size of 300 personnel. Additional duties included assisting service members in preparation for departure from military service by utilizing any and all resources available to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Kevin’s legislative endeavors to support and empower veterans throughout the past 20 years have put the American Veterans Alliance and the American Alliance for Disabled Veterans front and center, advocating directly to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Department of Defense, the Department of Labor, along with many of America’s largest veteran organizations. Kevin’s tireless efforts and leadership role in the support, retraining and successful transitioning of our veteran population continue to be recognized and lauded by all involved in the process.

Carl Linder, Esq.-Greenspoon Marder
Attorney and Advisor to the Company

George "Mick" Stadler
Principal & Director

Mr. Stadler is aFellow” of the Innovation Accelerator (IA),an affiliate of the National Science Foundation (NSF).  IA is the private component of a public-private partnership with the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program at NSF. The goal of this partnership is to facilitate the commercialization efforts of high-technology small businesses funded by grants from the SBIR program.  Recently, he Co-Founded Sparkle Holdingsand is its Chairman & CEO.  Sparkle’s business model includes the construction of Green Roofs/Walls (over 120 projects completed on time and on budget), Indoor Vertical/Urban Organic Agriculture (food & medical botanicals including Cannabis) and Green “STEM” education & job creation.  Sparkle has a fully integrated value chain consisting of: manufacturing, design, consulting, products, services, and operation of both outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grow facilities.

Mr. Stadler is also theFounder and former Chairman, and CEO of CerionAdvanced Materials and its affiliates in energy and biologics. Cerion is focused on the commercialization of disruptive technology in the nano and near-nano space, with transformative opportunities for these markets.  Mr. Stadler has raised over $45M for the development of Cerion https://www.cerionnano.com.  Cerion’s lead investors were Richard and Rob Sands (Constellation Brands).

Mr. Stadler was the founder and former Executive Director of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s (“RIT”)Center for Entrepreneurship and it’s Technology Incubator/Accelerator – Venture Creations (https://www.rit.edu/research/vc/).Prior to RIT he was the former President and CEO of Vanderbilt University Technology Company(“VUTC”) and Managing Partner of Vanderbilt’s Chancellor Fund. The Chancellor Fund is an early- stage, venture capital funded by the school’s endowment. The RIT & VUTC programs provide faculty and student inventors with “New Enterprise” development services and initial equity capital. Between 2000 and 2003, the Chancellor Fund invested approximately $10M in 15 new start-ups. These portfolio companies subsequently raised an additional $120M from other third party investors. The Fund’s portfolio returned $70M in cash and $20M in equity interests by 2011.  Also, Mr. Stadler was an initial management team member (Chief Venture Officer) for the Texas Research & Technology Foundation (TRTF)http://t3dc.org/trtf/about-trtf)  and worked with economic development leaders in San Antonio, Texas to create the Texas Research Park and to structure, raise, and manage early stage venture capital funds for TRTF(VenTex Partners).

Prior to Vanderbilt and RIT, Mr. Stadler was the Founder, Chairman, CEO, and President of Competitive Technologies, Inc. (AmEx: CTT), which he founded in 1991 while at Lehigh University. CTT was the first public company involved in the monetization of “Orphan/Shelved Technologies” developed by corporations. CTT was the agent that IBM used to establish its initial “Out-Licensing Program”. CTT corporate clients included IBM, Bell Labs, Sony, Matsushita/Panasonic, among others.

Joan Stadler
Principal & Director

Ms. Stadler, a co-founder of Sparkle Holdings, LLChas a diverse entrepreneurial background in production, advertising and sales.  She work with her husband, Mick Stadler, in the founding of five university associated new companies.

She was the co-founder of Evergreen Group, Inc.,a marketing strategy firm specializing in early stage technology transfer, and of Sage Capital, Ltd., a consulting and investment capital firm focused on early stage, university developed opportunities.

She brings vision, energy, creativity, and intuitive marketing skills to all projects. Ms. Stadler is a master at putting talented people together to successfully create and launch new projects or conclude business arrangements.

Her experience includes the creative orchestration and coordination of Special Projects for Villa Banfi, the largest international wine importer in the U.S. She has also produced advertisements for Coppertone, Glaxo, and MasterCard, and has guided and consulted with art directors, photographers, and talent for such agencies as Y & R, Ogilvie & Mather, and clients such as Merrill Lynch, AT&T, Black & Decker, and Pfizer.

Ms. Stadler is a Founder and Director of ConduIT Corporationand J International Partners.


Dedicated to our people, and a socially responsible operation with a full commitment to biodiversity,
fertile soils & greener energy.

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